Basic training

We offer this training for those who are interested in self-trading on the stock market or already familiar with the market, but would like to freshen up their knowledge.


  • What can you achieve if you are self-trading?
  • About the Stock and Forex Market
  • Advantages and application of Absolute Return Strategy
  • Reviewing analysing methods
  • The role of emotions and self-control in trading
  • Risk management strategies
  • Use of stock markets platforms and indicators
  • Applying basic stock market strategies
  • Aspects of choosing the appropriate account provider

Strategy training

We recommend this training for those who have already traded on their own, or at least the fundamental knowledge has been mastered on a training earlier.


  • What counts as a good stock market strategy?
  • The importance and method of making statistics
  • Avoiding risky strategies
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Back testing in an efficient way
  • Manual and automatic (algorithmic) strategies
  • Benefits of self-developed indicators
  • Aspects of compiling a portfolio with your strategies
  • Efficiency indicators of the strategies

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