Our analysis technology

Our analysis method is largely based on quantitative and partly fundamental methods that are combined with an absolute return strategy.

The advantage of absolute returns strategies is that they can generate profits not only in the event of a rise in the exchange rate, but also in the event of a decline.This provides an extremely large scale of opportunities for the investor/asset manager, which can significantly increase the results and reduce risks.

By applying quantitative market analytical methods, the analyst is aspired to be highly objective while achieving high numeracy.

The numeracy of the analyzed situations serves to verify the analyst’s observations and to achieve harmonious results, in other words, to achieve the target profit with the lowest possible risk and volatility..

The objectivity of the analytic method is largely accessible, which makes it possible to create a very strict set of rules for analysts.

As a result, transactions with negative results can be greatly reduced, while the number of positive “outcomes” can be increased. This can lead to a straightforward increase in the efficiency of profit growth and in the improvement of return-risk ratio.

Safety items

Safety levels

In each case, every single transaction has a safety level (so-called stop loss) as part of the earlier analyzed information package. Due to the large number of transactions, the nominal rate of stop loss for the initial investment is low, thus it can significantly reduce the risk of the transactions on the clients’ managed accounts.

Statistical numeracy

It is set to be a statistical rule that low-risk transactions with high numeracy can bring a more harmonious profit growth than low numeracy, riskier transactions. Taking this into account, during our analysis, we strive to provide the right level of numeracy for our customers, helping them to achieve consistent profit growth. Numeracy is provided by continous updating of our strategies.

High liquidity

A transaction can be secured, whether if it is at the safety level or at the profit target, the asset has a very large turnover, that is to say, that there are plenty of sellers and buyers on the market for that specific instrument. This can allow high volatility of the analyzed transactions, which is one of the key pillars of the safety of investments.


Our system analyses four completely different types of market movements on 14 high-volume instruments, which helps to achieve continuous profit growth. In addition to monitoring various market trends, we have focused on major economic areas around the world (such as Australia, the European Union, Japan and the United States) instead of a specific region, thus ensuring regional spraying.