About us


Our company deals with the development of capital and financial market strategies and their segmented analysis.

Our company has been offering services to clients for seven years now. Thanks to our experience on the financial market, we now have several innovative analysis technologies.

Our analyses have proven to contribute to the high level of effectiveness of active investment strategies that are confirmed by our partners’ profits on the investors’ accounts.

We currently offer services for only institutional partners in Europe, primarily for asset management companies.


Generally, there are anonymous analysts behind the service providers that manage the investments and they are the ones giving the indispensable suggestions that managers can use effectively.

Our clients and partners rely on our expertise because it is more important for them to have long-term, stable investment, regardless any market situation, rather than to achieve temporary high results at the expense of hectic results.

Our goal is to provide an easily understandable and reliable service, where our analytical work is transparent and provides security at several levels..

Besides the easy tracking of the results, it is highly important that the managed capital is always available and accessible for the investor.

“A responsible professional
gives his own name to his results.”




Behind a company with outstanding results, there is a co-operative and experienced team of professionals.

Stable, high-quality services are provided by committed employees, disciplined work moral and consistent leadership.

Beside the effectiveness at work, as an employer, it is important for us to create a friendly atmosphere and straightforward communication.

About our employees, without exception, can be said that their job is their passion is; they are excellent team players and they feel the basic need to create value.




Real social engagement can only be realized as part of the personal values ​​of workers.

Environment Consciousness – Sustainable Economy

We pay special attention to environmentally friendly operation. Applying the practical benefits of digitalization, most of our business processes are paperless.

We collect the recyclable waste selectively for recycling purposes.

We pay attention to minimize our ecological footprint.


Attila Vrasko gave a lecture at II. Rakoczi Ferenc Secondary School

Our children are our future

Additionally, it is important for us to make the knowledge and attitude that helped us reach our results obtainable.

We believe that by presenting our values ​​and our corporate culture, we can show an example of how effectively we can shape the thinking of the future generation and the future of our society.

From 2018, we are giving free lectures for children and young adults to teach them the basis of successful financial thinking that lead to our accomplishments as well.



Our leading staff

Attila Vrasko

CEO, Strategist

Imre Erdelyi

Senior analyst

Szabolcs Erdelyi


Tamas Revesz

Sales manager

Fanni Kajati

Back office manager