that are applied simultaneously and the continuous development of the software ensure a balanced development of the results of the analysis.

0, 58%

annual profit has been generated on the clients’ accounts where our analyzes were 100% applied.


euro volume has been traded by the asset managers on the clients’ accounts based on our background analysis.


analyses have been published until now with precise timing and safety setting in a complex format.

 ( Until 31st January 2019 )

About us

Our company deals with development of investment strategies and segmented analysis of the capital and financial markets. We now offer services in many European countries, mostly for asset management companies.

We have been providing services to clients for seven years now. Thanks to our experience in the capital market, we are proud to have a great number of innovative analyses technologies. Our success is proven by the expanding number of our clients. During our analyst activity, we strive to be highly objective which allows our institutional partners to enjoy the high level of safety besides our above average achievements.

Beyond that, we are committed to share our knowledge and experience with others to contribute to their personal success. For this reason, in 2018, we are going to start trainings and coachings for starters and experienced stock market traders.

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 Our services

Quantitative based analysis technology combined with absolute return strategies, high liquidity tools, and safety features.

There is a personal consultation regarding stock exchange and investment topics. During our coaching we also offer the opportunity to set up an individual training pattern for effective learning.

On our group trainings you will be able to master the basics of self-trading on the stock market and improve the knowledge if you are an experienced trader.



Our leading staff

Attila Vrasko

CEO, Strategist

Imre Erdelyi

Senior analyst

Szabolcs Erdelyi


Tamas Revesz

Sales manager

Fanni Kajati

Back office manager